Simple Elasticsearch Hosting

Search as a service powered by Elasticsearch

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Fully Managed

Forget any configuration, maintenance, upgrade or monitoring. All handled!

High Available

Replicated to multiple zones, we commit to keep your business up and fight for it.


Direct support from developers.

We are hosting Elasticsearch since the version 0.18.0 and more than 500 customers are trusting our service.

  • Setup in seconds.
  • Scale without downtime.
  • High available, replicated.
  • Multiple versions available.
  • Daily backups.


Flexible and powerful, open source, distributed, real-time search & analytics engine for the cloud.

Access Control

You can create access keys which can be scoped with your indices and aliases with both read-only or full access. This gives you complete tenacity over indices and aliases.

Fancy Dashboard

Beautiful dashboard for getting information about your installation, creating components and navigating your data.


Our built-in search analytics helps you to understand your customer needs, improve your content and search performance.


Built-in crawler for crawling web pages and databases (Currently only MongoDB supported).


Searchly integrated as an addon to platforms; Heroku, Pivotal Web Services, OpenShift, Modulus and AppHarbor.

    • Small

      $ 19 mo
      • 5 Indices
      • 1GB SSD Storage
    • Professional

      $ 99 mo
      • 13 Indices
      • 6GB SSD Storage